‘We are a team. We are a family’: Brazil team praises Brazil’s aquaponic farm

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JUNE 22: The Brazil team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has thanked the fans for their support after winning a record 13-0 home win over the Netherlands.

The 23-man squad, led by Brazil’s star striker Roberto Fodde, will now face Italy on Friday.

Fodde scored twice in Brazil’s 3-1 win over Netherlands and set up another goal by scoring a second goal in the 80th minute of the first half.

Brazilians have been using the Brazilian-run aquaponica farm on a huge scale over the last three years, with the team growing more than 10 million hectares (28 million acres) of land.

Brazil’s coach Paulo Henrique Cardoso said the aquaponiics farm was “a miracle” for the country.

The Aquaventure farm, which was set up by Brazilian authorities to provide food for Brazil’s poor, has been a success for the team, with Fod de and his team being lauded by Brazilians for their hard work.