Dairy cows in shock after manure cannon game

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Farm animals in southern Oregon have been shocked by a manure cannon playing on their screens.

The farm animal welfare group has been posting videos of the game on social media.

One woman is seen pulling the cannon from the feedlot and placing it in her mouth.

Another man is shown feeding cattle from a bucket while he laughs as he feeds the cattle.

One of the videos shows the cows laughing at the camera and reacting in horror.

In one video, a cow can be seen being fed from a barrel.

The video posted to the group’s Facebook page shows the cattle being shocked with a bucket of manure.

The group has also been posting photos of cattle being fed.

It is not known what the cows are eating.

The cattle are part of a project by Oregon Department of Agriculture officials to help farmers reduce manure and other waste on their properties.

The game, called “Masticated Cow Lube,” uses a pump to mix up manure into a liquid and feed the cows a drink.

The cows are fed the liquid for about five minutes before the milk is turned into beef.

The cows are also shown being fed grass and a cow is shown being given a milkshake.

Farmers must pay $1 per cow to participate.