5 Things to Know About the Gun-Free School Zone Law

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It was a bold step that the Legislature approved in the wake of the December shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, that prompted Gov.

Andrew Cuomo to announce the “Gun Free School Zone” law.

The law requires schools to keep guns out of classrooms.

Cuomo said the new law will be in place for the 2018-2019 school year.

The state will start enforcing the law in July 2019.

Cuomo’s bill also requires school districts to make sure their staff is trained in how to deal with concealed carry permits.

New York has the most concealed carry laws in the nation, but the state’s gun-free zones are relatively rare.

The New York City Council passed the law earlier this year, but it’s been blocked in court.

Cuomo and his allies said the law is necessary to protect public safety, but a federal judge has said it violates the Constitution.

He also cited a Supreme Court ruling in July that struck down the New York city law as unconstitutional.

The judge said the state could not ban guns from schools because it has the authority to do so under state law.

But in a statement, Cuomo said his goal was to prevent violence at schools.

The new law includes a ban on firearms in all buildings and facilities.

New Yorkers can still carry weapons in certain places, such as public places such as movie theaters, but they must be holstered and locked in a manner that prevents them from being used in a shooting or other deadly attack.

Newtown Elementary School was the site of the shooting in Newtown.

The school has not yet been reopened and no students were hurt.

Cuomo, who was sworn in as governor on Wednesday, said the school will reopen on Wednesday and that he will work with local school officials to develop a plan to address the safety of the students.

The governor said he’s working with the Department of Education to get a list of schools that will be open on Wednesday.