‘It is a good day for us’: The rise and fall of the New York Giants

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The New York Jets have a new coach, but this one is a different kind of guy.

The Jets are rebuilding, and it has the makings of a playoff team.

New York was one of the first teams to hire Rex Ryan, who took over for Rex Ryan after the Patriots traded Brady.

But this time around, the Jets are getting help from someone who is not an offensive guru: offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.

Rex Ryan went 3-13 last year with the Patriots, and the Jets were 6-10 last year.

The new coach is expected to bring a more traditional style of football to the franchise, one that is based around the run game and running the ball.

Rex has had success with running the football.

He was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts when he was a QB for the Colts.

Rex’s offensive philosophy is based on the concept of “first and foremost, win the game.”

Rex has done a great job at winning the game, and this is a new opportunity to win, too.

Rex is a big fan of having a running back that can catch the ball, but also can make plays when he does get open.

Rex loves running the spread offense, which uses spread formations.

When you run a spread offense with two or more running backs, there’s a good chance that one of them will get the ball and you’ll have success.

When he did that in New England, he was able to win the Super Bowl.

The problem for Rex is that the Patriots are going to have to replace some of the best players on the team.

The biggest question for Rex and the team is who is going to be the quarterback.

The team is going with Geno Smith, but they have been hesitant to bring back LeGarrette Blount, who is coming off an Achilles injury.

The Patriots will try to keep Blount as their quarterback, but he has been in a long contract dispute.

They may decide that the best thing to do is let Geno go and go after another quarterback.

I think they’re going to find a good guy and bring him back.

Rex was a quarterback himself in the NFL, so he knows what it takes to succeed as a head coach.

The New England Patriots have a very good defense.

They have three All-Pro defensive players.

New England was the AFC East champions last season.

I like the Patriots’ ability to play at home, but I don’t think they have a chance at the Superbowl.

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