Goats: ‘It was the best goat I’ve ever eaten’

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An all-goat herd in the Austrian Alps has been named after a man who killed goats he claimed to have eaten.

“We’re not going to lie,” said owner Christian Schützen in a post on the social media site, where he also called himself a goat fan.

Schügzen’s family owns a herd of 40 goats in the region of Bölten near Vienna. “

It was a good, tasty goat.”

Schügzen’s family owns a herd of 40 goats in the region of Bölten near Vienna.

“They were not very good at all,” he said, “but they were good enough for me to put a new goat up for sale on the auction block,” the post added.

The post attracted over 100 comments and several requests for more photos of the herd, but Schüszen said he didn’t want to make it public.

“But if you have more photos please email me,” he added.

He added that he had already sent out several invites to the herd owners for more goats to be put up for auction, but did not have the space.

A post on his Facebook page on Sunday also said he was preparing for the auction, and would be announcing it “at the next auction.”

The owner of the goat had previously made a video in which he claimed that he ate a goat he had eaten before, and that it was a real animal.

Schüzzen’s post is not the first time he has claimed to eat a goat.

“For the first four years of my life, I ate a pig, and then I ate one, and now I’ve got the goats,” he wrote.

He claimed to get goose bumps and the feeling of being full, and he also wrote that the goats were healthy.

“The goat herd is a good thing for me because they make my life easier,” he told Austrian newspaper “Zentralblatt” in August.

Schutzmann said he had sold several goats to buyers for a sum of 1 million euros ($1.5 million).

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