When is fodder sales a problem?

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The annual fodder sales, which are seen as a vital revenue stream for many farmers, have become a major headache for the government as it tries to deal with the cash crunch.

The annual crop loss of Rs.2.4 lakh crore is not being shared equally among the farmers, making it hard to meet the revenue demands of the state government.

As many as 1.3 lakh farmers have filed grievances with the State Agricultural Welfare Committee (SAWC) alleging non-payment of fodder price.

The agrarian department has now issued guidelines to the farmers and other concerned parties for the payment of their dues and to ensure that payments are made on time.

“Payments of dues and dues refund to farmers should be made on a monthly basis to be completed by February 25,” the guidelines said.

The farmers have also raised their complaints about the state agriculture department’s inaction on issues like fodder and irrigation bills.

“We have given notice to the state agri-food department (SADFC) for not paying our dues,” said Prakash Kumar Singh, a farmer from Kalambar village in Jhansi district.

“The issue has come up since March this year.

SADFC has not responded to our queries.

We are also looking at other issues.

We have given a notice to SADFCC (state agricultural department) for the same.”

The agri market is estimated to grow by an additional 5% every year.

The farmers are not being given enough fodder or water, which has forced them to move more crops, which also has brought the cost of crop production.

“For us, it is a major issue.

We get our crop revenue from the farmers who pay for it,” said Suresh Pratap Singh, farmer from Kotturam district.

The agri trade has been hit by the monsoon season in the past few years, as many farmers in the district have not been able to get enough fodder.

The state government has decided to reduce the prices of pulses and corn and also beef, and also to reduce crop losses from fodder sales.

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