This is what’s really in the new Google Play music app

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We’re just days away from Apple announcing a new music app for the iPhone and iPad.

The company has been teasing it for weeks, but the announcement is set to come out today, and it’s pretty obvious what it will be: a music service.

Apple’s own iTunes Music Store is going away, and Google Play Music will be the company’s music app.

This is good fodder for anyone with a love for cow fodder.

But it’s not really a good reason to give Google Play a go.

Google Play Music is going to be a subscription service.

That means that users will pay a monthly fee for a “premium” service.

The music you get for free is likely going to get you a bunch of crap.

The free version of the app will also be a curated list of music that you can choose to pay for.

That’s fine for paying customers, but it’s going to suck for people who want to buy the music on the cheap.

Google Play will be more expensive than the official iTunes Store because of the way the service works.

The app will have ads, and they’ll be paid for by ads.

If you don’t want to pay, you can buy directly from Google Play.

That’s not an ideal way to use a music app, but that’s Google’s choice.

As for Google Play itself, it’s still pretty barebones.

It has a few features that the official Apple app doesn’t have, like in-app purchasing and a feature that lets you save your album art for later, but nothing that’s going be anything but basic.

The new Google service is just the next logical step.

Google has promised that Google Play is going be “the music of the future.”

The Google Music app sounds like a better bet than the one Apple has been offering for a while.

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