How to get a grain hydroponics licence in Ontario

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Ontario Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says he has given preliminary approval to the use of wheat hydrosols for the cultivation of grain.

The decision, announced in the House of Commons on Wednesday, came after a yearlong study of a wheat hydrometer.

The ministry had previously indicated it was looking for new technology to grow grain hydrosol.

“I am pleased to have given preliminary consideration to the potential use of hydropones in the production of grain, and to confirm that this would not be a first,” said MacAilay.

“The Minister recognizes that it is the case that the development of this technology will require considerable time, and he looks forward to the opportunity to consider the application for a licence in the future.”

MacAulays comments came after the government released its first forecast for growth in wheat and barley this year.

Growth in both crops has been slow due to the harsh weather, including a severe drought that has affected the province.

MacAulday’s comments come as he continues to work with the province to secure the necessary approvals for hydropone production.

“We are in the midst of the development process,” said the minister.

“We have given a number of preliminary studies to ensure that we are ready for the application process to proceed in the fall.”

The ministry is now finalizing a draft policy on hydroponically-grown crops that will come into effect next year.

Macaulay said it will be a priority to have a system in place in time for farmers to harvest their crops, but he said the government will continue to monitor the growth of the industry.

“The Minister of Agriculture, and the Agriculture Department, is committed to making sure that this is a viable industry in the coming years,” said MacDonald.

“This is a very exciting industry, and we will continue working closely with the provinces to ensure this industry is here to stay.”

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