GMO crops are coming to Idaho, and the food industry is fighting them

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— A new crop of genetically engineered corn is coming to the southern Idaho town of Sesbania and other towns in the state.

The crop, called G.W.A.B. corn, is the first genetically modified corn to be grown in the U.S.

The crop was developed by the company Syngenta.

The company says it will be sold in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina and other states.

Syngenta says it plans to sell its new crop in Idaho in spring 2019.

“We have seen tremendous interest in the new crop, and we are confident that the market will respond favorably to it,” the company said in a statement.


W, or genetically engineered wheat, has been touted as a food source that has fewer health risks and is more nutritious than its traditional counterparts.

The Corn Growers Association of America says the new corn is genetically modified to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

It says it is an ideal addition to Idaho’s food supply.

Sesbanian farmers have long been pushing for the corn to make its way to the rest of the country, but the company behind the crop said the state’s climate is favorable enough that it will never be able to reach the vast majority of consumers.

Sesame Seeds Inc. is the world’s largest seed company.

It has been trying to get its seed to the U, D.C., and U.K. markets for years.

But it is one of a handful of companies that can’t grow the new genetically engineered crop in the United States.