When you want to be a cannon fodder, buy a drone

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Quora: Why buy a cannon?

A lot of people are buying drone mounts for their hobby drones, which they say will make them feel more like a real bird, and make them more likely to land on enemy targets.

They’re also saying it will make drones more stealthy, and also give them a better chance of survival in the event of a nuclear strike.

But a new study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies says that while the mount is a great idea, it’s not a good fit for many people.

For starters, the military has said that the mounts are not ready for mass production.

But the study says, “the fact that a relatively small number of drone hobbyists are using these mounts in a significant number of operations indicates that they are more likely than not making these mounts for the purpose of demonstrating their skill at piloting a drone.”

The study also says that “even though many hobbyists report that they have no qualms about flying their drone with their arms held out in front of them, many are reluctant to give up their arms for such a device.”

But, the study adds, “this may be a result of the difficulty in understanding the technical challenges associated with a drone mount.

While some drone hobbyist report that their mounts have a range of up to 100 kilometers, this number is quite low for the majority of drone mount users.”

To get the mount to work, it must first be configured to fire the laser that can be fired from a drone.

The military also said that people who own a drone should not try to pilot their drone.

They should use a drone that is not controlled by the military.

If you want a mount that works, you can use this one from the University of North Carolina, but the military is not recommending this one.

And for anyone who wants to get into the hobby, the University at Buffalo, in New York, is offering a $1,500 mount that can fly as a quadcopter.

It will take a little work to get the drone mounted to work.

You need to make sure you have a compatible mount.

It will need to be able to hold the drone.

The drone needs to have the transmitter and receiver connected.

The receiver must be able send and receive video signals.

The mount will need power.

You will need batteries to power the drone, and you will need a computer that can connect to the mount.

The drones that have these mounts are called quadcopters.

They are the same type of drones that you would see flying around the hobby community.

And you will probably see quadcoptered drones flying in the air, just like you would in a normal hobby.

The mount will not work for drones that are not tethered.

It is important to remember that you need to have a transmitter and a receiver to use a mount, the Center said.