The NFL’s new crop of grass has landed in the hands of the world’s most prestigious cricketing organisations

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A new crop has been found to contain an ingredient that could be used to make cricket pitches and fields more resilient to extreme weather, such as drought.

The discovery comes just months after a World Health Organisation study suggested the grass was being used to enhance the health of fields in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The grass is a byproduct of the root system of the plant, which is found in India, and has been used for centuries in traditional ceremonies to help restore water.

The soil in the state is particularly prone to drought, with its low water table, and a lack of rain and rain-bearing trees, to name just a few of the reasons.

In addition, India is known to have one of the highest mortality rates of any country in the world, with the world-wide death toll rising to 1.3 million people in 2015.

Despite the high mortality rate, scientists have been trying to find ways to help boost soil health by planting grass.

They’ve developed methods to improve soil fertility and promote the growth of native species, but the process is expensive and can take decades to reap the benefits.

So, the WHO’s new study suggested this new crop could be one of a new crop that has arrived in the fields of cricketing institutions.

The team of scientists, led by Dr Sudhakar Kulkarni of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, studied the plant and its components using bio-tech.

They found that the plant’s root system contains enzymes that could help break down the compound and make it more resistant to water loss.

The compound they found contained an amino acid called the ‘B-glutamate’ that was a precursor to the compound known as a B vitamin.

“The compound that we found in the root of the grass is called the B-gluteinin-3-glucoside (BGLG), which is an amino-acid precursor to B vitamin B12,” said Dr Kulkavarni.

“This is a very important compound, because the B vitamins B12 and B12-gluten are the only ones that have any effect on the body’s B12 system.”

So this is very important because these amino acids have been shown to be a very effective nutritional supplement in terms of preventing water loss, and we think that BGLG could be a natural supplement to help the body get its B vitamins in order,” he said.”

Also, it’s important to note that this is not a drug; this is a supplement.

It’s not a supplement that you need to take for cancer, but we think it might be helpful to the body.

“Dr Kulkavan added that the team was hopeful that the discovery would eventually help improve the quality of grass in India.”

We’re not expecting this compound to make a huge impact, but it would be very helpful for the country,” he told BBC News.”

I think the main issue is that India is a poor country.

There are only a few million people.

So, even if we had the whole world’s supply of grass, we would still have to feed 10 million people, so I think this could be an important factor to help alleviate that,” he added.

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