The best and worst of the season of Desmanthus, which is in print and on TV

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In the weeks since Desmanuses first appearance on the Big Ten Network, we’ve seen the Iowa State junior take on a number of different teams, starting with his only two losses in his past seven games.

He also has a solid game against the Northwestern Wildcats, which has given him the nickname of “the next Des.”

But in the second half of his schedule, Desmanus has come up just short of his goal of winning the Big 10 Player of the Week award.

The latest example is the loss to Purdue, which ended up losing by three points after Desmanues team took a 13-0 lead.

After the game, Desmans team coach Mike Montgomery told reporters that Desman was frustrated after the loss, but also said that his team needed to find a way to get some much-needed energy back after the Purdue win.

Desman had a number in mind when he spoke to reporters after the game.

He said that he wanted the team to “go out there and be motivated” and get some “energy back.”

That was something that Purdue coach Jim Tressel had already told his team after the Indiana game.

Desmons team lost that game and had to sit out the Purdue game because of the loss.

Montgomery also noted that Desmans biggest issue is that he’s not as good at scoring as he is at defending.

He has not been able to make as many 3-pointers or catch up to his teammates with his rebounding, which have been an issue on the perimeter for Desman, who has not yet developed the kind of perimeter shooting skills that Desmoes team needs.

In the end, Montgomery said that the Iowa Spartans have to take this into the season as they look to get back to the Big Eight Tournament.

They’ve shown that they can score and get stops, but the big issue for Desmans squad will be getting stops at the rim, which will be a huge challenge against Purdue.