How to get your game into the hands of your audience

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By now, everyone knows about the amazing Cannon fodder game.

It’s a platformer where you’re a cannon fodder and you have to collect various different guns.

However, its been missing a few things that makes it great.

Its got no story mode, no multiplayer, and no online features.

However in an effort to fill this gap, the team at the studio who created Cannon fodder have taken on the task of making a Cannon fodder PS4 game.

The game is due to be released sometime this year, and the team has also created a Cannon ground vehicle which can take on the role of a cannon.

The game’s been around since 2014, but has only been available for PC for a few weeks.

Cannon fodder was created by former Activision developer Josh Whetstone and it was ported to the PS4 with the same engine.

Cannon ground vehicles are available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with the PS3 version getting a few months earlier.

The team have also built a few multiplayer maps for the game, and are looking to add a few more as well.

There’s also a story mode that takes place in a cannon, and has been in development since 2015.

The team is working on an update for the PS5 and Xbox One versions, and have a date for the PC version sometime in 2018.