The world’s worst cow slaughter story, from the US to Japan is a story of abuse and neglect, a journalist says

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The world has been gripped by cow slaughtering since the end of the Second World War.

But despite the horrific toll, it is not the first time that a US cow has been slaughtered by a Japanese one.

It is not just that we are the only nation to do so.

But the story of that slaughter is a tale of cruelty and neglect that goes beyond the slaughter of a single cow.

In this article, journalist Tim Dickson details the slaughter at a US military base and details the plight of a family who lost two of their sons, a young boy and a little girl.

This story is not over.

The family have been unable to bury their sons in the cemetery that the US military had erected for the victims of the massacre.

What has happened to them?

A family in Texas have been asked to provide the names of the four men and two women killed in a US base fire in Japan.

A Japanese company that works on the base is also refusing to confirm that the bodies of two men and a woman were buried at the site.

The families have already lost two sons, the youngest aged six, and two daughters aged nine and 10.

Tim Dickson writes: We are going to try and help you with the family who have lost their two sons and a daughter.

It is our duty to provide answers to their questions and, if possible, let them know where their loved ones are buried.

They have been told by a local company that they must not disclose the location of the remains, but it is a difficult process that the family is willing to go through.

There are no official records of the events at the base, but the family members have contacted local media and have told them the story.

Dickson writes that the Japanese company has also refused to tell the families where the remains are buried and is refusing to answer questions about where the body is from.

“The family of the dead men and the daughter were informed that their loved one was buried at a military facility, but were never told where the site was located,” he writes.

An Australian media outlet, The ABC, contacted the family and was told the family have not been told where their remains are, but are planning to send the remains to Japan to be buried there.

“We have contacted the Japanese government and will be contacting the Japanese authorities, so we can put these two men to rest, but there is no information yet on where the dead remains are,” a spokesman for the family told the ABC.

Why was it done?

Divers searching the base on March 9 found the remains of a man, a woman and their baby.

The remains of the baby were later found by a member of the public and taken to the base to be given a proper burial.

According to the family, the American soldiers who worked at the US base did not give any proper burial to the victims and the family are demanding answers.

Is it legal?

The US government has not said how or why it was done, but some have suggested that the deaths of the victims could have been avoided if the soldiers had followed protocol and not brought their own food.

“There are many cases of US soldiers who have killed Japanese civilians,” one Japanese newspaper reported.

However, Japanese media have suggested the deaths may have been more likely to have been caused by an accident.

Who is the man?

The US military has denied the existence of any investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the US servicemen.

Japanese media reports have suggested he was a former US serviceman who was killed in an accident while conducting military training in Japan, but no-one has been charged with his death.

“No-one will ever be charged for what happened to these two American soldiers,” said the spokesman for Japan’s National Police Agency, adding that the government will never release information on the investigation.

“I will not give out details about the case, but I will say that this was not a criminal case.”

What do people think?

“These people should be ashamed of themselves,” said one of the Japanese media reports.

“What they did was a disgrace to the Japanese people,” said another.

“The Japanese are the proudest people in the world, the most humane people.

They’re the most generous people in this world,” said a third.

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