The price of fodder

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The price on grass fed beef and pork is on the rise.

In the latest retail price survey from the Australian Meat Institute, beef and lamb prices rose 3.5 per cent to $2.861 and pork by 4.3 per cent, with the price of milk-fed and dairy-fed lamb rising by 4 per cent and 3.7 per cent respectively.

The prices for hay-fed beef and pig fell 2.2 per cent.

The survey of 1,000 retailers, meat processors and foodservice operators found meat prices had fallen 0.3 to $3.881.

A spokeswoman for the institute said the survey showed meat prices were expected to stay stable as farmers continued to raise their production levels.

“While we anticipate prices will continue to rise as more farmers and businesses continue to improve the quality of their grass fed and grain-fed products, prices have already fallen substantially for meat, poultry and eggs in recent years,” she said.

“The recent rise in feed prices will certainly help offset some of the downward pressure on prices for some of our commodities, but it is important to remember that farmers and producers are not immune to the impact of the current global supply and demand environment.”

As we all know, the supply and market dynamics are complex, and it is unlikely that farmers can expect to maintain price stability for a sustained period of time.

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