Nintendo Switch’s new graphics card can now render 3D movies

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The Nintendo Switch can now run 3D movie clips in its display.

The company’s new hardware has an HDMI 2.0 port that can now be used to display 3D content, including movie trailers and the like.

The Switch’s HDMI 2, 4, and 8 ports are now all available in a “super-slim” design.

It can now also be used with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which is the new Nintendo Switch game controller that’s supposed to work with the new console.

This makes it easier to play movies in 3D.

Nintendo’s latest 3D-ready console, however, can only play 1080p video, not 4K.

This means that movies can’t be shown at full-resolution on the Switch.

Instead, the new 3D display can output 4K content, which will let you play games with an HD-quality presentation.

For example, the game Watch Dogs 2 can run at 1080p, but it only has 720p of resolution.

Nintendo has also been working on a more flexible 3D controller for Switch.

The Switch Pro is designed to work directly with the console, so the new controller is expected to support all 3D displays.