How to cook meat for the holiday season

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When I was a kid, my father would cook the stuff that kids in his neighborhood ate for Thanksgiving.

He’d make the stuffing and gravy.

The turkey would cook on a grill in the oven, and he’d put the stuffing in a slow cooker.

Then he’d fill it with mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, brown rice, gravy, and then mix it up in the slow cooker and throw it all in the fridge.

“We used to eat that stuff,” my father says.

“It was so good.”

When my mother came to the United States in the late 1970s, we ate all kinds of stuff, from ketchup to turkey and gravy to mashed potatoes.

My mother used to say, “I want a turkey for Thanksgiving!”

My father would say, I’ll make it.

My parents are still cooking up turkey every year, he says.

I was always kind of surprised when my father came home and we’d talk about Thanksgiving dinner, he said.

I would say to him, “Why are you cooking that stuff?”

“Because it tastes better,” he would say.

My father’s cooking skills are still very important to me.

I use them every time I cook turkey, he told me.

He also makes the stuffing for the turkey.

It’s delicious.

He does the stuffing.

When we cook turkey and stuffing, we like to do it a little differently.

We usually do the stuffing first.

We’ll put the turkey in a bowl with a big chunk of flour.

I’ll add a little bit of butter and some salt, and add a bit of oil.

Then I’ll put a big pot of water over it.

Then we’ll mix it all up with flour.

My dad would put the flour into a mixing bowl and add the oil and salt.

And then I’d pour in the water, and I’d add some flour.

Then the turkey would be just like this.

We like to make it very simple.

He just adds flour and salt and water, it’s just a big bowl of flour and flour and water.

I’d like to see a little more flour.

When I came to America, my mother would cook some stuff for Thanksgiving and put it in the microwave, and she’d add the gravy.

I used to put some gravy in the gravy, but my mom was like, “No, no.

You don’t have to do that.”

And I thought, “Oh, well.”

My father used to take the gravy out of the microwave and put the gravy in his slow cooker, he used to make gravy for Thanksgiving dinners.

My grandmother made gravy.

We use to make turkey for Christmas, too.

My mom would make a turkey gravy for Christmas.

When my dad came home, he’d make a big gravy pot for Thanksgiving dinner.

My grandma would make gravy.

My grandfather made gravy, my mom would eat gravy.

He made gravy for dinner.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, I’d be like, What’s the big deal about turkey?

We all know the difference between gravy and turkey, my dad said.

So, I like to go out there and cook a turkey.

My son makes gravy.