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What is franchising?
Franchising is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with a particular operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques. It can be seen as you working for yourself and running your own business; however, you go to market with the benefits of a household name and a dedicated team supporting you with advice and guidance on how to operate effectively.

Why are we franchising?

❯ To maximize shareholders’ returns and value.

❯ To excel in every facet of its operation.

❯ To provide attractive and well rewarded career and business opportunities for all
employees and Franchisees.

❯ To dynamically grow through pro-active acquisitions, mergers and joint

Why Should I Sign Up?

❯ Experience of more than 11 years in recruitment services and other HR

❯ Tied up with reputed companies from India and abroad.

❯ Commercially and technically viable and proven project.

❯ Low investment and minimum risk.

❯ Reasonable ROI (return on investment).

What Support we provide you?

❯ Morpheus will support your business and help you grow with

❯ Start-up training and full technical and operational

❯ Recruiting the team

❯ Back-end support with training, payroll processing, legal and compliance functions.

❯ Share clients across the country and the world.

❯ Back office operations – Centralized Invoicing & Collections

❯ Operational processes (Reporting formats, database management, requirement management, incentives etc.)

❯ Continuous interaction and guidance on all aspects of running the business including
business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues etc.

❯ Share recruitment software and the on-line database of the company.
Share promotional and Branding Material

❯ Ongoing Business Development guidance and support

❯ Continuous guidance on sourcing against typical requirements (Sourcing methods, target Companies, etc.)

❯ Cost Optimization.

What are Franchising Benefits?

❯ You are granted with a license to trade as a Morpheus Consulting

❯ You will benefit from being part of our group, including ground

❯ Backend support with training, payroll processing, international

❯ You receive front and back office software. → You receive a national advertising and
marketing program that will continually reinforce our distinctive brand image.

❯ You have all of your processing done through system by our head office, enabling you to
focus on generating more sales.

Who will the Franchising appeal to?

❯ Like-minded entrepreneurs who want to build their own HR Services business and want
to benefit from established market name and know how.

❯ Existing independent Recruitment consultants who want to access powerful network
technology, a market leading website and retain an element of the goodwill associated with their particular name.

❯ Existing Recruitment Company or Consultants seeking to fast track their own business, and use their Morpheus name to benefit from an established operating model and system.

What are Pre – Requisites?

❯ Good reputation and contacts in the area

❯ Willingness to undertake aggressive local promotions

Franchise Fees

❯ Initial investment of US $2000 towards Home Based Franchise Fee (Non Refundable for 02 years)

❯ Initial investment of US $ 5000 towards Franchise Fee (Non Refundable for Lifetime)

I have an existing Recruitment/Training office; can I get a MHC franchise?

❯ MHC franchise could be granted to you as per the normal qualification process; however,

on receiving the same, you will require to continue with only the MHC format & franchise.

The Ideal Franchisee

The perfect franchisee meeting our requirements would be

❯ Having the capacity to make an Investment as required depending upon the chosen

❯ franchise proposal

❯ Self-motivated ,dedicated and professional personality

❯ Team player, good communicator and self-disciplined with acumen for setting up

❯ efficient systems

❯ Able to invest 5 to 6 hours on a daily basis

❯ Passionate about doing something useful and getting recognition in the

How to Join/Empanel with Morpheus?

❯ Step 1:-

⤹ Cash Deposit / Online Transfer of US $2000 towards Home Based Franchise Fee (Non Refundable for 02 years) and US $ 5000 towards Franchise Fee (Non Refundable for Lifetime)

⤹ Fee (Non- Refundable Fee) in favour of “Morpheus Consulting “.

❯ Step 2:-

⤹ Franchise Agreement will be couriered to you and it has to be duly signed by you and

⤹ returned to the below mentioned address along with documents as listed below,

(A) ID Proof

(B) Address Proof

(C) 2 Passport Size Photos

Morpheus Consulting
18th floor
Burjuman Business Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O.Box 121828

Upon receipt of all the documents, we shall courier you back your copy and Franchise
KIT which would contain Manuals / Agreement / Posters and also a certificate to
commence business under our brand.
If you have any query kindly mail us at kailash@morpheusgulf.com or fill the inquiry form and we will try our best to revert you at the earliest.

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